About LENA Jewellery

The mysterious appeal of gemstones makes them precious to many, but their rarity, hardness and durability have made them doubly valuable. Though not everyone can afford the more expensive gemstones, anybody can collect a few minerals that, even if not gem-quality, are still very attractive. No matter how modest your collection, it will give you hours of fascination and enjoyment.

Every piece is individually crafted where perfection is paramount in every detail. Designs frequently venture into unexplored territory, where semi-precious stones and gold, silver, wood, lace, leather, etc are combined in perfect harmony.

LENA Jewellery pieces have been so designed that most necklaces and bracelets can be worn on their own or stacked up in many pieces of varying lengths and colours to create a more unique, edgy look. Much is to be enjoyed in building your collection in the exponentially increasing different number of looks achieved as more pieces are added.

We are constantly exploring new opportunities in getting our products to a worldwide audience.

If you would like to represent LENA Jewellery in your country, please drop us a line.