Our Pearls collection

Pearls have been the project of beauty for many centuries, and because of this, the world pearls has become a metaphor for something really rare, fine admirable and valuable. The ideal pearl is perfectly also occur. LENA Jewellery's Pearls Collection is a unique collection of luxurious, feminine yet edgy styled freshwater baroque pearls both jewellery, either hand-knotted with silk cords or with 14K gold vermeil chains and clasps.

  • Akoya Pearls with Swarovski spacer beads
  • Akoya Pearls with Swarovski spacer beads
  • 5-tier pearls and diamante necklace
  • Pearls, Swarovski spacer beads, Pyrite beads.
  • Pearls, Swarovski spacer beads, Pyrite beads.
  • Pearls, Swarovski spacer beads, Pyrite beads.
  • Necklace in baroque pearls, 14k gold vermeil beads, clasps and chains
  • Earrings in large baroque pearls with 14k gold vermeil clasps
  • Bracelet in fresh water pearls, brown wood
  • Bracelet in hand-knotted fresh water pearls with hot pink swarovski clasps

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