Our Yin & Yang collection

In reference to the balance of apporites in the universe, LENA Jewellery's Yin & Yang collection is an away of combination of black and white coloured gemstones in edgy and ethic designs. When both opposites i.e., black and white, are equally present, all is calm...

  • Earrings in Pearls
  • Earrings in Onyx
  • Bracelet in Pearls, Onyx & Swarovski-Studded
  • Necklace in Freshwater Pearls and Onyx beads, Swarovski encrusted silver clasps, spacers and chains.
Length: 57cm
  • Bracelet in Pearls, Onyx & Swarovski-Studded
  • Necklace with Pearls, Onyx and clasps in Silver & Swarovski-Studded
  • Necklace in Pearls, Onyx, Resins, Obsidian, Rock Crystal, Wood
  • Necklace in Agate, Onyx
  • Necklace in Mother-of-Pearl, Agate, Black Leather, Wood
  • Earrings in Two Petels Agate and Gold Chains
  • Earrings in Cylinder Agate, Obsidian, Swarovski
  • Earrings in Fresh Water Pearls, Brown Wood

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